Equaline Advanced Tech Floss, Waxed

54.7 yd. Compare to Crest Glide Floss (Crest Glide is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble). Easily slips between the teeth. Will not break or entangle during use. Cleans more tooth surface with each stroke. Easy to use - more cleaning surface! Advanced tech floss has a low coefficient of friction - it's super slippery! This property combined with our unique construction of microfilaments enables advanced tech floss to slip easily between the teeth without tangling or breaking. Once between the teeth, the microfilaments fan out to form a broad cleaning area for scraping plaque off tooth surfaces, above and below the gum line. (Other advanced technology dental flosses are made from monofilament or single strand construction and cannot fan out in this fashion so they are limited in their cleaning surface area). Advanced tech dental floss spreads to cover a large surface area of the tooth using microfilaments! Other advanced technology dental flosses only cover a narrow strip of tooth surface with a single strand of floss. Dental experts agree that daily flossing can help prevent tooth decay and early gum disease. Made in USA.