Lean Cuisine Cafe Cuisine Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta

White meat chicken with asparagus, pine nuts & sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce. Discover the Goodness: 9 g fat; 340 calories; 4 g fiber; No preservatives. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. It's the goodness we put in that makes every Cafe Cuisine deliciously exciting and nutritious. Feel good about treating yourself to contemporary restaurant-inspired meals that deliver a unique culinary experience. Our Cafe Cuisine recipes are made with premium meats, gourmet sauces, colorful vegetables and interesting ingredient combinations. Keep life delicious! - Lean Cuisine. Since 1866. Tasty Bites: Full of flavor, our recipe is made with a combination of tasty ingredients featuring pesto sauce and pine nuts. Just the Facts: We make it easy to fuel up. Our delicious recipe has 23 grams of protein. Chew on This: Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. Our recipe allows you to feel good about eating well. Weight Watchers Point 7.