Scoop Away Clumping Cat Litter, Fresh Scent

Maximum odor control! Easy to scoop! Clumps tight! Clumps stronger! Vs. leading brand. Easy to scoop! Scoop Away cat litter forms tight clumps that are easy to scoop. The small, highly absorbent granules and maximum clumping action of Scoop Away litter work together to absorb liquid into tight, solid clumps: so odors and mess are easily removed, and there's virtually no used litter left behind after scooping. Maximum odor control! Scoop Away cat litter delivers maximum odor control through two powerful odor-fighting technologies embedded in the litter: First, Scoop Away litter's patented formula contains special minerals in each granule that actually absorb and eliminate odors on contact; Second, Scoop Away litter inhibits the growth of bacterial odors through Odor Guard technology, a patented antimicrobial agent. Easy for your cat! With clump strength so tight there's virtually no used litter left behind after scooping, and by using maximum odor-control technology, Scoop Away cat litter makes it easy to help keep your litter box smelling clean and fresh. And it's 99.9% dust-free. Your cat will thank you! Fresh Scent: Scoop Away Fresh Scent litter combines Scoop Away litter's tight-clumping and maximum odor-control technologies with a fresh, clean scent - making your litter routine easy! Made in the U.S.A.